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Expat saves local community for Christmas

December 20, 2010 Culture & People 6 Comments

The entire financial problems in Testaccio were solved in less than 10 minutes last week when an American arrived with 100 euro bill… Here’s what happened.

The American tourist walked into a hotel in Testaccio and asked to see one of the rooms. The hotelier said, “No problem, Signore, but I would like a deposit to give you the key.” So the American placed a 100 euro note on the reception counter and took the key to the room. As soon as he was out of sight, the hotelier grabbed the note and ran down to the market. He paid his bill of 100 euros to the tomato seller who provides tomatoes for his restaurant. The tomato seller ran immediately to the local wholesaler who brings him the tomatoes and paid his debt of 100 euro. … Continue Reading

Interview with Eleonora Baldwin from Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino

December 17, 2010 Culture & People 3 Comments
Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino

Food is obviously a very important part of living in or visiting Rome, and today we bring you an interview with someone who has an intimate knowledge of Rome and the food it offers: Eleonora Baldwin, who maintains four blogs at Aglio, Olio & PeperoncinoRoma Every DayRome City Guide for Kids, and F O R C H E T T I N E.

We asked Eleonora some questions about food in Rome, as well as a few questions about her personal view of the city.

Here is our interview. … Continue Reading

Interview with Jessica Stewart from Rome Photo Blog

November 18, 2010 Culture & People 6 Comments
Posta 2.0

I had been admiring Rome Photo Blog for a while now, and wanted to find a way for the Rome Journal to feature the artist behind the blog, Jessica Stewart. A new photo of Rome – capturing the city in an innovative and unusual way – is uploaded almost daily. Her blog reads like a journal of the city, making a great resource for people who are interested in seeing the city beyond the famous buildings and monuments. … Continue Reading

Amanda Knox case and Human Rights

Human Rights

The Amanda Knox frenzy hasn’t finished. There is a lot more to come.

The Italian Justice system, like all systems, has its strengths and weaknesses. But the most important aspects to consider is “does the Italian Justice system have the confidence of the 60 million people that it serves?”, and following that, “does it adhere to international human rights”? … Continue Reading

Brain Drain in Italy?


“Italy is losing its best and brightest to a decade of economic stagnation, a frozen labor market and an entrenched system of patronage and nepotism. For many of the country’s most talented and educated, the land of opportunity is anywhere but home.”

A new Time Magazine article is looking at how Italy’s young are leaving their country for better opportunities abroad. … Continue Reading

What You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Holiday Rental Agencies I


I found that working in a holiday rental agency was a fantastic way to get to know Italy and the local culture. My account from behind the scenes reveals what goes on behind closed doors, tells you what you need to know about the agency before you book your holiday apartment, and explains how the apartment owners can make the crucial difference between an ok agency and a great one. … Continue Reading

What Makes Rome Irresistible?

Child on Campo de' Fiori

People make a lot of fuss about this city, and Rome is sometimes still referred to as “Eternal City”, or “Caput Mundi” – latin for capital of the world. But does its ancient role as former centre of the Roman empire merit such attention? Is Rome only a relique, visited by kindly disposed people who see greatness in its ancient remains, gracefully overlooking its considerable flaws? Or is it still, today, a capital worthy of ranking among the great cities of the world? … Continue Reading

The Importance Of Being Blonde (In Italy)

Coffee Bar in Rome

Strange things happen when you are a foreigner. Even when you believe that you know the adopted culture and people well, some situations may leave you very surprised. In the following, I recount a strange experience which still has me a bit baffled, upset and ashamed, and which brought together two different cultural assumptions … Continue Reading

Blogging, Berlusconi, Fabio Chuisi and Gagging


Blogging and Bloggers are a problem to authoritarian control. But they are not a problem for truth and a better society.

Obama, Berlusconi, US Federal Reserve. Take some notes.

  1. Fabio Chiusi is not the problem – he is part of the solution.
  2. We bloggers are here to help you get things right.
  3. Failed Bank Robbers may be too stupid to know they are too stupid to be bank robbers which could evoke “diminished responsibility”. This might also apply to you.
  4. The Federal Reserve needs to be shut, or shut up.
  5. We are here dealing with unknown Unknowns that don’t get to see the light of day without us. … Continue Reading

Rome On A Bicycle – Half A Dream Come True


It was something that we used to say with a sigh, on a Sunday stroll through the centre: If only it was bicycle friendly, and if only cars were banned from the historic parts of Rome. As far-fetched as it may have sounded even a couple of years ago, the local government pledged this March to transform the Italian capital into a cyclist’s utopia by 2020. … Continue Reading

A Coffee Break With… Keith, 4


House prices, Rent prices and market direction in Italy

Short term predictions about asset prices (houses, stocks, commodities) are inherently based on rumour and emotion. Predicting for the long term however, must be based on fundamental analysis. … Continue Reading

A Coffee break with… Keith 3


European Petrol(Gas) Prices keep on climbing

The latest European figures for average petrol (gas) prices for various countries are now out for May 2010. … Continue Reading

A Coffee Break With… Rebecca, 2


The European debate on the integration of Muslim minorities is heating up: Last week, a committee of Belgian MPs voted to prohibit face-covering Islamic veils, paving the way for the first such ban in Europe. As you may know, the same discussion is in full swing in Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, … Continue Reading

A Coffee Break with… Keith, 2


For the British who shake their head in bemusement at the complexity and fragmentation of the Italian political system, now is the time to be envious. On May the 6th the country goes to vote in probably the most important election since WWII. Unfortunately it is already a dead issue, since the UK will go to the polls to choose between 3 clones … Continue Reading

Style: Europe vs. Italy

Young Woman on Via dei Cappellari

The differences between the importance and meaning of style across Europe is just astounding. I mean, in some Northern European countries a functional, waterproof anorak of uncertain colour, shape, and age is considered a perfectly acceptable piece of outerwear, not only to keep warm, but also to double for a pesky umbrella. In Italy, on the other hand, … Continue Reading

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