What You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Holiday Rental Agencies I

I found that working in a holiday rental agency was a fantastic way to get to know Italy and the local culture. My account from behind the scenes reveals what goes on behind closed doors, tells you what you need to know about the agency before you book your holiday …

Expat saves local community for Christmas

Last week, the entire financial problems in Testaccio were solved in less than 10 minutes. There was widespread debt and no money in community, until the visit of an American Tourist. Here’s what happened.

Why So Much Cash Is Used In Italy… And It Is A Good Thing

Why should you support the use of cash in Italy? Does that not mean that you are facilitating tax evasion? Not necessarily. Instead, overusing your credit card in Italy means to undermine their social fabric, and might hurt the local economy and culture. Here is why.

Some of Rome’s Best Pasticcerie

One of the things you don’t realize about Rome until you’ve left is the city’s (and the country’s) great tradition of pasticcerie.

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Thoughts On Renting A Car In Rome

Traffic in Rome

If you’re planning a trip to Rome this year with a view to exploring the attractions of the wider region of Latium, you may be considering the option of car hire. This can give you considerably more freedom to explore at your own pace than you would have if you were to rely on public transport. … Continue Reading

What Have We Learnt From The Volcano?

Volcanic Ash Cloud Iceland

What, if anything, has the volcano eruption taught us? Read about research gaps, risk assessments that didn’t happen, and a need to get more comfortable with alternatives. We revisit the spectacular eruption that crippled flight traffic around the world for days, asking: Is there a lesson here?   … Continue Reading

A Coffee Break with… Keith, 2


For the British who shake their head in bemusement at the complexity and fragmentation of the Italian political system, now is the time to be envious. On May the 6th the country goes to vote in probably the most important election since WWII. Unfortunately it is already a dead issue, since the UK will go to the polls to choose between 3 clones … Continue Reading

Style: Europe vs. Italy

Young Woman on Via dei Cappellari

The differences between the importance and meaning of style across Europe is just astounding. I mean, in some Northern European countries a functional, waterproof anorak of uncertain colour, shape, and age is considered a perfectly acceptable piece of outerwear, not only to keep warm, but also to double for a pesky umbrella. In Italy, on the other hand, … Continue Reading

Tipping In Rome


Tipping is a very emotive subject. Just look at the comment section of an opinion piece published in the NYT here. Unfortunately, I am with the author on this: I find the tipping issue confusing and annoying, not to mention that it is a moral minefield. … Continue Reading

How To Attract More Tourists

A visiting couple on Piazza Navona

A study commissioned by the city of Rome surveyed the views of Romans as to what the city should do better to attract more tourists.

The results are as follows: 42% of respondents wish for better safety on the road, … Continue Reading

The Public Must Understand Risk And Travel


The European shutdown of flights have highlighted, once again, the growing cost of the public not understanding basic risk assessment.  If the public understood risk better, governments and their agencies could not as easily run off on their PR controlled “safety” sideshows which in truth put more people at risk … Continue Reading

Icelandic Ash Cloud: Trains Overrun


According to daily newspaper La Repubblica, Termini station has been overrun by travellers since the Icelandic ash cloud forced cancellations of flights towards Northern Europe (read our first article about this issue here, “Iceland Causes Chaos In Rome“), with ticket booth queue times of up to two hours. … Continue Reading

The Italian Way Of Communication

People talking in the Jewish District

With all of the bad news coming out of Italy these days – the catholic church abuse scandal, the electoral shift to the far-right – I thought it was time to remember why so many of us love Italy: The italian way of life has an unique charm about it which can paint even the bleakest of situations a pretty pink. … Continue Reading

Iceland Causes Chaos in Rome

April 16, 2010 Travel News No Comments
Volcanic Ash Cloud Iceland

UK: Note to Iceland. We said send Cash, you forgot the “C”…

The UK and the rest of Northern Europe continue to suffer from Icelandic revenge. The Eyjafjallajoekull Glacier volcano is creating an ash cloud … Continue Reading

The Sistine Chapel: Digital Tour

Screenshot of Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour

The ladies over at Eternally Cool, one of our favourite blogs about Rome, have a knack for discovering otherwise well-kept secrets in Rome’s world of art and design. Now, they have shared with the world that the Vatican has launched a high-resolution, interactive, virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel: … Continue Reading

Criticism of Catholic Church Like Anti-Semitism – Seriously?


Comparing the storm of criticism of the Catholic Church over child abuse by priests to Anti-Semitism may not have been his best move. The Pope’s preacher, Father Raniero Cantalamessa, is on the defense after he sparked worldwide outrage when he stated that he had received a letter from an unnamed Jewish friend that drew the parallel. … Continue Reading

Riding A Motorino in Rome

Traffic in Rome

Buying a motorino is something that has tempted me from the minute I moved to Italy. However – at present – I only have second-hand experience of riding a motorino in Rome. My family is convinced that I will seriously injure myself, if not die, the second I dare to drive such an obviously dangerous vehicle. … Continue Reading

A Coffee Break With… Rebecca, 1


We have all had our share of strange and even bad experiences with taxi drivers in Rome. But then, today, I came across this video which shows a taxidriver who serenaded his guest all the way to his destination, driving and singing all at the same time: … Continue Reading

Pope Defends Himself Through Sermon


While facing the worst crisis of his papacy as a sexual abuse scandal sweeps the Catholic church, Pope Benedict declared today he would not be “intimidated” by “petty gossip”, angering activists who say he has done too little to stamp out paedophilia, reports The Guardian.

During the Palm Sunday service, the pope did not directly mention the scandal … Continue Reading

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