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Others Talking About Rome: Christmas, NYE And All That!

December 25, 2010 City And People 1 Comment
Piazza del Campidoglio at Christmas

Merry Christmas! If you have any time at all to get lazy this season, you might enjoy reading these suggestions by our Twitter followers. We asked for it, and our Twitter followers sent us some of their excellent blogposts, articles, and photos to feature in our special Christmas edition of “Others Talking about Rome”. Enjoy!  … Continue Reading

Others Talking About Rome: Finance, Politics, Arts, Excellent Travel Writing


News, bits and pieces – and some excellent travel writing – that we found on the web. … Continue Reading

Others Talking About Rome: News & Business, Food, Travel & Photography


We scour the web for information about Rome so that you don’t have to!

News & Business, Technology: … Continue Reading

Others Talking About Rome: Politics, Food, and Rome on Your Desk

Arch near Campo de' Fiori

Here are some bits and pieces that we picked up from around the web, for your reading pleasure. … Continue Reading

Commercialising The Colosseum

Scaffolding with Billboard in Italy

Restauration sponsor advertising on monuments in Italy has sparked a debate about what kind of advertising is appropriate, and who decides. Since August, and through to the end of October, Italy is looking for a corporate sponsor willing to foot the entire 25 million euro bill to refurbish the 2000-year-old Colosseum, in return for advertising rights on the monument itself, as well as several associated perks, such as exclusive video documentation rights to the restauration. … Continue Reading

Others Talking About Rome: Antique Photos, Bruce Springsteen, Non-Boring Travel


We scour the web for little newsbits about Rome, so that you don’t have to! … Continue Reading

Others Talking About Rome: Civilisation, Innovation, Experience


Here are a few assorted links which you may enjoy if you are interested in Rome: … Continue Reading

Welcome Back


It has been a long, thorougly enjoyed holiday! And finally, the bunch of bloggers behind The Rome Journal are ready for some action again. In fact, we have been quite busy over the past week or so, preparing new articles, and reading about stuff that is happening in, around, and in relation to Italy. … Continue Reading

Blogging, Berlusconi, Fabio Chuisi and Gagging


Blogging and Bloggers are a problem to authoritarian control. But they are not a problem for truth and a better society.

Obama, Berlusconi, US Federal Reserve. Take some notes.

  1. Fabio Chiusi is not the problem – he is part of the solution.
  2. We bloggers are here to help you get things right.
  3. Failed Bank Robbers may be too stupid to know they are too stupid to be bank robbers which could evoke “diminished responsibility”. This might also apply to you.
  4. The Federal Reserve needs to be shut, or shut up.
  5. We are here dealing with unknown Unknowns that don’t get to see the light of day without us. … Continue Reading

Rome On A Bicycle – Half A Dream Come True


It was something that we used to say with a sigh, on a Sunday stroll through the centre: If only it was bicycle friendly, and if only cars were banned from the historic parts of Rome. As far-fetched as it may have sounded even a couple of years ago, the local government pledged this March to transform the Italian capital into a cyclist’s utopia by 2020. … Continue Reading

Sex And The City – Of Rome?

An intimate moment in Rome

How lucky we are! Rome has come first in The Times’ list of the world’s 12 sexiest cities. The criteria of the list are somewhat obscure, but it can be concluded that the sexiness of a city appears to be based on something more intricate than its red-light district, as the most famous cities in that respect – Amsterdam, Bangkok, anyone? – are completely absent in The Times’ list. … Continue Reading

Immigration In Italy: The Roma


A few days ago, on 11 March, Amnesty International released a report calling on the Italian authorities to halt a controversial housing plan. The plan has resulted in the forced eviction of hundreds of Roma, and paves the way for thousands more evictions over the coming months. The report, titled The Wrong Answer – Italy’s “Nomad Plan” violates the housing rights of Roma in Rome, warns that the programme, which began in July 2009, violates the human rights of thousands of Roma. … Continue Reading

Condom Vending Machine At Rome High School


Amid national controversy, the Kepler scientific secondary school today became the first in the Italian education system to install condom vending machines for students. The machines, in the girls’ and boys’ toilets, will sell cut-price condoms just a few miles from the Vatican; the Kepler is in a lower-middle class district of Rome, just outside the city’s ancient walls.

The Vatican has gone to great lengths … Continue Reading

What’s Up With Immigration In Italy?


Hundreds of immigrants evicted from gypsy camps! Italy wakes up to the realities of immigration! Italy: a country united by racism!

Such are the headlines these days, prompting us to ask: What’s up with immigration in italy?

Indeed, immigration is a tense and contested subject in Italy these days. Several recent events have increased negative feelings on both sides of a fight tainted by racism, … Continue Reading

First Snow In Rome Since 1986?

Piazza del Campidoglio at Christmas

Well – almost. Read more for a video illustrating the exceptional snowfall of last week, for some reactions, and for a history of snow since 1986.

As you will see from this history below, the snowfall last week has been quite exceptional, … Continue Reading

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