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Saltimbocca – Really Roman?

Saltimbocca prepared by the author

Nowadays, the term “Cucina Romana” is readily employed to categorise a variety of recipes, sometimes a little too quickly. Here is a quick overview of the history of Rome’s cuisine, exemplified by the allegedly Roman recipe “saltimbocca alla Romana”. … Continue Reading

Some of Rome’s Best Pasticcerie


One of the things you don’t realize about Rome until you’ve left is the city’s (and the country’s) great tradition of pasticcerie. … Continue Reading

Monti Going Local On Food

A localised shop in Rome

Monti has always held a distinctive charm to me, especially when it comes to the food offered in restaurants, the art galleries and quirky stores. There is an dynamic, alternative, future-oriented feel to Monti.

Now, Katie Parla has written an article for the New York Times which describes a number of restaurants that specialise in hyper-localised food, only from the Lazio region. Lazio’s location right next to Tuscany may have been problematic – who, pray, can compete with Tuscany’s reputation? – but it could be argued that Lazio is working extra hard to position their products relative to their famous neighbor, and can therefore not afford to compromise on quality. … Continue Reading

The Pleasures (and Addiction) of Pizza Bianca

Pizza Bianca (Il Forno in Campo de' Fiori)

Do not underrate this delicious Roman specialty. To do so will be at your peril. Pizza bianca – the warm, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, ‘white pizza’ (although not a white pizza at all) makes up an essential part of the Roman diet. Some translate it as ‘flat bread,’ although no other flatbread I’ve ever had tasted like this. … Continue Reading

Spring Is Here! Time For Artichokes

Carciofi Alla Romana

Spring is a wonderful time of year in Rome, especially because of all the fresh local products that are transformed into seasonal dishes in many great restaurants throughout the city. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the Jewish District – renowned for its traditional dishes, … Continue Reading

Illy vs. Starbucks

March 1, 2010 Coffee, Food & Drink 9 Comments
A lady with her morning coffee in Rome

Ever wondered why you cannot find Starbucks in Italy? Or whether Starbucks’ coffee can hold its own on a real Roman cappuccino? Then read on. The opinions diverge on whether Italian coffee needs new inspiration because “it is not what it once was”, or whether America simply has an “overroasting” issue concerning their coffee. Coffee Clash?

… Continue Reading

Coffee: Facts And Stories I

January 9, 2010 Coffee, Food & Drink No Comments
A lady with her morning coffee in Rome

Coffee is so central to italian lifestyle (and physical and mental health, probably), that we have no shame devoting yet another post to this invigorating beverage. Please find our earlier post on the art, culture, and variations of coffee in Italy (complete with a directory of legitimate coffee varieties) here – and more coffee-related wisdom in the form of ten commandments here. … Continue Reading

Best Bars in the World: Where to Have a Drink

December 14, 2009 Restaurants and Bars No Comments
Bar With View Of The Pantheon

With the subtitle to her article about best bars in the world (Associated Content, November 2009), K. K. Thornton just about sums up what might go through my head when another guest of mine arrives in Rome, armed with a detailed plan for every hour of the week: “Museums Are Not the Only Place to Absorb a City’s Culture”.

She writes … Continue Reading

New Drinking Habits For A New Generation

Young people on Piazza di S. Maria in Trastevere

As highlighted by several influential news services (last by the BBC in August 2009), Italy is battling a new problem: Drinking and randalising youths, touring the city centres, and drinking on the street. Italy was once better known for its refrained attitude to drinking, but the new phenomenon of binge drinking is rapidly growing among the younger generations. … Continue Reading

Ten Commandments of “Il Culto del Caffè”

November 17, 2009 Coffee, Food & Drink 1 Comment
People enjoying a coffee break

Rest assured that I will not stop writing about coffee any time soon. However, Lee Marshall has come up with coffee-related wisdom so deserving that I will hold back for once, and simply let you enjoy this gem, recently published by the Telegraph (September 2009): … Continue Reading

Art, Culture And Variations Of Italian Coffee


While coffee beans are neither grown nor harvested in any part of Italy, the coffee roasted and blended here is among the best in the world. Romans are just as proud of their coffee as inhabitants of any other part of Italy. But ‘proud’ is probably the wrong term: Good coffee is considered such an utter necessity that when the famished contestants … Continue Reading

The Experience of Eating Out

A restaurant on Campo de' Fiori

Although Rome is known for its delicious food, service-mindedness is not a concept generally understood or practiced in most restaurants or bars. Prompt and friendly service simply does not go with the attitude: Roman waiters are a proud bunch and will not risk appearing servile.

This does not mean that you will not come across great waiters … Continue Reading

Voted best Trattoria in Rome 2008: “Maccheroni”

A restaurant on Campo de' Fiori

Trattoria Maccheroni (not pictured) has been voted the best Trattoria in Rome by Romans, in 2008. This distinctive trattoria on Piazza delle Coppelle carries the name of Italy’s most popular dish worldwide.

The restaurant has maintained and emphasized the delightful details of its rustic structure for an ambience that is inimitably welcoming and warm. … Continue Reading

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