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New Accommodation Tax – Hotel Tax

December 30, 2010 Travel Expert 5 Comments

And for the last news of the year, we have the final agreement on the tax rates starting on the 1st January, 2011.

Here they are.

4 and 5 Star Hotels: – Tax will be 3 Euro per person per night (pppn)
1, 2 and 3 Star Hotes: – Tax will be 2 Euro pppn
B&B’s, Apartments etc: – Tax will be 2 Euro pppn.
Hostels: – no tax.

The tax rate only applies to the first 10 nights of the stay, which covers 99.99% of visitors but at least doesn’t frighten the longer term options away.

Source: Venere.com

Open Thread: What Do You Pack In Your Suitcase When Visiting Rome?

Fiumicino Alitalia Aircraft

Packing for a holiday can be tricky. What you need to bring with you usually depends on where you are going, obviously calling for some guesswork if you are travelling to a new destination.

We’re here to help, and hopefully the Rome-savvy among you will join us! For people planning their first trip to Rome, we’d like to start an open thread with suggestions. What do you pack into your Rome suitcase?
… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Italy Travel Twitter Follow List

Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 19.10.47

For us, Twitter is an awesome way to access and exchange a plethora of information in real time. But who should you be following if you are interested in travel information about Italy? It can take some time to distinguish between people who are just trying to sell you something, people who send out random spam, and people who add real value to your Twitter feed. … Continue Reading

A “Different” 36 Hours In Rome


In Rome, understandably, the focus is more on preservation than innovation, at least what concerns the physical components of the city. It isn’t just the buildings, however, but traditions in terms of food and art are being upheld in various ways, so that it is rather difficult to find a restaurant serving nouvelle italian cuisine. This may be changing: Innovation is slowly becoming more visible, having been an undercurrent for many years. … Continue Reading

What Makes Rome Irresistible?

Child on Campo de' Fiori

People make a lot of fuss about this city, and Rome is sometimes still referred to as “Eternal City”, or “Caput Mundi” – latin for capital of the world. But does its ancient role as former centre of the Roman empire merit such attention? Is Rome only a relique, visited by kindly disposed people who see greatness in its ancient remains, gracefully overlooking its considerable flaws? Or is it still, today, a capital worthy of ranking among the great cities of the world? … Continue Reading

Rome On A Bicycle – Half A Dream Come True


It was something that we used to say with a sigh, on a Sunday stroll through the centre: If only it was bicycle friendly, and if only cars were banned from the historic parts of Rome. As far-fetched as it may have sounded even a couple of years ago, the local government pledged this March to transform the Italian capital into a cyclist’s utopia by 2020. … Continue Reading

Beating The Heat In Rome’s Summer

Historic Rome in the Summer

It’s unfortunate that the time of year most people visit Rome is also one of the most uncomfortable: the height of summer. Although the city, and the entire country, look gorgeous this time of year, the heat can dishearten the most ardent Rome-fanatic. If you find yourself arriving in the city during a heat wave, like the one sweeping currently, there are a few measures you can take to make your estate romana (Roman summer) a little more pleasant. … Continue Reading

Kids Enjoy Rome As Much As Adults

Girl In The Historic Centre

There is so much to do in Rome. Doing “Not Much”, is one of the best with kids.

Rome is a wonderful place for kids. Depending on their ages, you just need to tailor your trip to include a bit of “them” time, whilst making sure they are not bored with the you time. It is not that difficult as Rome is a very safe city, endlessly fascinating in many different ways. … Continue Reading

Why So Much Cash Is Used In Italy… And It Is A Good Thing

May 28, 2010 Travel Expert 6 Comments
Oiling the wheels

Why should you support the use of cash in Italy? Does that not mean that you are facilitating tax evasion? Not necessarily. Instead, overusing your credit card in Italy means to undermine their social fabric, and might hurt the local economy and culture. Here is why. … Continue Reading

Packing Light

Fiumicino Airport entrance hall

What to pack? What will I need? And how to fit it all into a suitcase? Packing is somewhat of a chore for most people, and the restrictions on the liquids you are allowed to take in your carry-on bag during airtravel have not made it easier. … Continue Reading

Thoughts On Renting A Car In Rome

Traffic in Rome

If you’re planning a trip to Rome this year with a view to exploring the attractions of the wider region of Latium, you may be considering the option of car hire. This can give you considerably more freedom to explore at your own pace than you would have if you were to rely on public transport. … Continue Reading

Tipping In Rome


Tipping is a very emotive subject. Just look at the comment section of an opinion piece published in the NYT here. Unfortunately, I am with the author on this: I find the tipping issue confusing and annoying, not to mention that it is a moral minefield. … Continue Reading

How To Attract More Tourists

A visiting couple on Piazza Navona

A study commissioned by the city of Rome surveyed the views of Romans as to what the city should do better to attract more tourists.

The results are as follows: 42% of respondents wish for better safety on the road, … Continue Reading

Recessionary travel: Resolving Issues

February 8, 2010 Travel Expert 2 Comments

Following on from the article about difficulties and benefits of traveling in recessionary times (Recessionary Travel: Understanding The Issue“), here are some of the specific issues that travelers face and should be ready to resolve. … Continue Reading

Recessionary Travel: Understanding The Issue

February 8, 2010 Travel Expert 1 Comment
View of St Peter's Square

Searching for accommodation in these times can seem like a dream come true. Everything you search for is available and seems discounted.

What could go wrong? In this article, we discuss the issues to keep in mind when planning and booking your trip, and how you might avoid and resolve them to ensure you really enjoy your trip – instead of just live through it. … Continue Reading

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