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How To Attract More Tourists

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April 24, 2010 Exploring Rome, Travel Expert 3 Comments

A study commissioned by the city of Rome surveyed the views of Romans as to what the city should do better to attract more tourists.

The results are as follows: 42% of respondents wish for better safety on the road, asking for increased law enforcement on the streets. 37% said that the city should put more into organising sporting and cultural events, while 34% said that better public transport was necessary. When asked which elements might adversely affect the perception of Rome by tourists, tourist scams (41%), theft and pickpocketing (30%), as well as verbally abusive guides and taxi drivers (13%) were mentioned.

l romance navona rome How To Attract More Tourists

A visiting couple on Piazza Navona

I think that it is especially interesting that 42% would comment negatively on road safety, as “creative” driving seems to be so culturally engrained, and appears to work surprisingly well. (Read two of our articles on traffic in Rome here: Riding A Motorino in Rome and Streets Of Rome: Anarchy, Primal Fears.)

In contrast, I usually hear a lot of criticism of public transport in everyday communications, and I would definitely like to see more events in Rome, although there may be difficulties related to the vulnerable infrastructure of Rome.

Do you agree with the study results? What change would you like to see happen in Rome?

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  1. reginadiroma says:

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    I agree with them. tourist scams (41%), theft and pickpocketing (30%), as well as verbally abusive guides and taxi drivers (13%) – the way some tourists get abused here in Rome, it is a wonder they ever come back! Obviously, by trying not to look and act like a tourists one can offset some of these woes, but still!

  2. Simon says:

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    And tourist scams particularly could be so easily eliminated with a bit of policing. Currently there is a “boss” organising all the taxis out the front of Termini. Locals go to these cabs, tourists go to other cabs. He directs them, they pay 30-40 euro to get anywhere in Rome, and the locals and other taxi drivers are too scared to say anything (understandable!) But no police ever – I watched it for hours last week (while waiting in queues for train tickets).

  3. BuzzInRome says:

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    1) Improve Public Transport
    2) More Information and Communication about the many, many events that take place in Rome
    3) Create attractions and landmarks such as entertainment parks, golf district etc.. to attract tourists not interested in culture & religion
    4) Involve more Rome tourists with the city’s beautiful surroundings through guided tours, special buses, day trips etc…

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